Tucked away in Lafayette's cementary (located on Baseline Rd at 111th Ave) is a simple grave marker that has been the source of ghost stories for generations and persists as urban legend today.  As the story goes, this grave of someone from Transylvaia, well this grave hosts a vampire!!!! 

Fodor Glava was born in Transylvania.  The coal miner owned the cemetary plot in the paupers graveyard.  He died in Lafayette in December, 1918.  Records and documentation regarding burial are scarce since that year marked a deadly flu outbreak which resulted in the town being quarantined.

The grave marker is shakey and crude.  There is a tree growing from the middle of the grave.   Rumor says the tree grew from the wooden stake driven through the vampire's heart in order to kill him....right where is heart should be.

The story inspired a horror film, Glava. This 30 minute black & white film title "Glava"  was created by Lafayette resident and University of Colorado film major Nicholas Bernhard.